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Proses Producting | B.Inggris Tugas

Technical Aspects of Production / Know

Raw materials

             To produce the raw materials used to know in the same subject, namely soybean. Types of soybean consists of 4 kinds, yellow soybeans, black soybeans, soybean and soybean brown green. Using soy tofu usually yellow, but also other types of soy, especially soy black.

             Soy bean thresher tool can be driven by electricity and the electricity supply depends penset Sentra from PLN. The cost of electricity / solar is calculated from the amount of costs that are shared between the craftsmen at production centers in accordance with the approved rumusyang between group members with KOPTI.

Quality requirements for producing soybean first know the quality is as follows:
· Free from crop residues (leather bars, stems or twigs, stones, gravel, soil or seeds)
· Soy beans are not injured or free of pests and diseases
· Soy beans are not bruised
· Skin soybean seeds not wrinkled.
Know the production process

Stage in the production process know is as follows:

            Soybean selected by winnowing to select large soybean seeds. Then washed and immersed in a large water for 6 hours.

            After a soak in the washing back at about 1/2 hour
Once in the wash in the soybean-to put in ebleg made of bamboo or plastic.

            Furthermore soybeans milled into powder, and soybean grain flow by itself in a barrel reservoir.

            Finished ground immediately boiled for 15-20 minutes is reasonable to use a big size. We recommend that the interval between the completion milled and cooked no more than 5-10 minutes, so that the quality of a good idea.

            Done in soybean porridge cook lifted from the pan to the tub / vat to be filtered using a coarse calico or mori which has been put on a bamboo cage. So that slurry can be filtered with a vengeance placed a wooden board on the fabric and then there was one person riding on it and shaking, so squeezed all the water that still exist in the soy pulp. Filtering a waste of tofu. If necessary tofu squeezed again to flush the hot water until no longer contains pollen. Employment screening is done many times until pureed soybeans exhausted.

            Water being stored in the barrel side yellow or white color is the material that will be out. Filtered water mixed with vinegar to coagulate. Additionally vinegar can also coconut water or liquid whey (water extract had coagulated know if know) that has been in eramkan or powdered gypsum (calcium sulfate)

            Lumps or white flakes began to sink in that the later after being printed out. Acidic water is still separated from the flakes-flakes out and saved, because the water is still vinegar can be used again. Precipitate out as outlined in box size 50 x 60 cm 2 and a base in calico cloth spread out. Dough know felted box, so water still mixed in the batter knows it stretched to the limit. Compression was about 1 minute, the batter knows formed box, which is solid, cut into pieces, such as the size of 6 x 4 cm 2, before the people to be ready to sell out.
means of Production

             Production center in tempe know already up in some areas with KOPTI as a developer. DI existing centers, each including a craftsman got home production of tempeh know. With the combination of a simple type with a production of the craftsmen can only continue the existing production with traditional means of production.

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